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install best applications for android : 9apps

Today in the era of science of technology our life is incomplete without gadgets. and when we talk about gadgets the first thing comes in our mind the the smartphone.
when a college student wakes up in the morning. the first thing he/she does is checking the WhatsApp and Facebook messages. in the same manner people checking the phone in the morning is the first thing people usually do.

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as the great scientist Albert Einstein said : I’m afraid for the day when technology will overcome and the world will full with idiots.
Einstein wan’t kidding when he said the above line. now because of smartphones most of peoples wastes their time in doing things that are not useful. i’m not saying that don’t use smartphones. but when you’re using one make sure that you’re not wasting time on smartphone. and one more thing always remember that you’re using the smartphone. the phone should not use you. play like a master. not a slave.

The first thing you should keep in mind that when you’re buying a smartphone checkout the productivity of the phone. make sure that your smartphone doesn’t makes you dumb.

As a smartphone buyer the hard decision is to choose between apple and android. in the recent few years android has created a revolution in the smartphone market. according to source 60% of the total smartphone users in the world are android device holders.
the reason of popularity of android is that is very cost effective. in India android smartphone is available for the price of of 1000 INR (10$) only. people spend 10$ on burger and Noodles. with the same cost one can own a android smartphone.
so an an average user everyone suggests that buy a android phone instead of apple. if you want just showoff instead of productivity then go for apple.

After buying the android smartphone the goal is to take benefit from it. use the android features to its best. and make your life easier with the smartphone.
here are list of things to do to use full features of android phone
  • install social media apps.
  • install productivity apps.
  • install news application to stay updated.
  • download education applications for education and research.
  • download music apps to keep you calm.
  • install fun games. of course !
  • download health apps to monitor you health regularly.
  • install security applications for privacy and secrecy of your android smartphone.
Now the question comes in the mind is where to download and install these application. Google Play store  is the biggest source for android applications and games. the problem with the play store is the many of the good application and games on the play store are paid. the users who are rich enough can simply buy them but the students who don’t have money can’t use those applications. so as an alternative the users can install 9apps to download games and apps for free.

9apps download for android phone

9apps is the largest app and game store after the official google play store. there are trillion of apps are ready to download for android phone. and the good thing is that installing and download from the 9apps is 200% free.

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9app will be rock very soon. It is similar to play store and there are lots of useful application for android phone users in 9apps.